Biomaterials I Polymer Engineering Surface & Colloids Outreach Activities
  1. Biomaterials I (MTGN 472/MLGN 572)

    TEXTBOOKS: Biomaterials Science, 2nd ed. (by B.D. Ratner et al);

    SUPPLEMENTAL REFERENCE: Biomaterials, 3rd ed.(by J. Park and R.S. Lakes).


    This course covers a broad overview on materials science and engineering principles for biomedical applications, and is organized around three main topics: 1) The fundamental properties of biomaterials; 2) The fundamental concepts in biology; 3) The interactions between biological systems with exogenous materials. Particular emphasis will be put on understanding surface energy and surface modification; protein adsorption; cell adhesion, spreading and migration; Biomaterials implantation and acute inflammation; blood-materials interactions and thrombosis; biofilm and biomaterials-related pathological reactions. In addition to the reign of biomedical materials, this course also introduces the basic principles of bio-mimetic materials synthesis and assembly. 3 hours lecture; 3 semester hours.


    SYGN202 or consent of instructor