Biomaterials I Polymer Engineering Surface & Colloids Outreach Activities
  1. Polymer Engineering (MTGN 463/MLGN 563)

    TEXTBOOKS: Introduction to Physical Polymer Science, 4th ed. (by L. H. Sperling);

     SUPPLEMENTAL REFERENCE: Polymer Physics (by M. Rubinstein and R. H. Colby).


    This course focuses on the structure-property relationship of polymeric materials. Starting from the chemistry of polymer synthesis, we will discuss polymer chain structures, microstructures, polymer blends and solution, and solid-state structures. Particular emphasis will be placed on understanding polymer mechanical and rheological properties based on the molecular characteristics of polymers. Molecular and crystallographic structures of polymers will be developed and related to the elastic, viscoelastic, yield and fracture properties of polymeric solids. Specific polymer processing operations on forming and joining techniques for end-item fabrication will include extrusion, injection molding, reaction injection molding, thermoforming, and blow molding. 3 hours lecture; 3 semester hours.


    DCGN210 or consent of instructor