→ We are moving to the medical school! Dr. Liang accepts an Associate Professor position at Texas Tech University Health Science Center. (08-2015)

→ Wan Zheng successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations Dr. Zheng! (03-2015)

→ Yunjiang Jiang won a Poster Award (and $250) in MRS Fall meeting for his work on antibiotic virus-mimicking polymer molecular brushes presented in Symposium B: Multifunctional Polymeric and Hybrid Materials. Nice work Yunjiang! (12-2014)

→ Liangju Kuang accepted a postdoc position at Purdue. Best luck Liangju! (10-2014)

→ Our work on the study of bio-hybrid materials with membrane-protein-mediated transport performance is selected for funding by NSF. (07-2014)

→ Liangju Kuang successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations Dr. Kuang! (07-2014)

→ Our study on virus-mimicking polymeric antibiotics received Proof of Concept funding from Colorado Advanced Industries Accelerator Program. (03-2014)

→ Our work on interfacing light–driven electron transfer by photosynthetic complexes across block copolymer membranes is published on JPC Lett. (02-2014)

→ Our work on “frozen” block copolymer nanomembranes with light-driven proton pumping performance is published on ACS Nano. (01-2014)